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Ron Thompson

Has been assessing programs for 9 years and has been a Skyfactor customer since 2010.


Surveys completed to help Ron Thompson assess his school's Housing program.

Products Used

Assessments: Resident Assessment
Apartment Assessment
Student Staff Assessment

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Commit to Growth, Development & Improvement

We asked Ron Thompson, Director of Housing and Residence Life at Furman University a few questions about why, what, and how he uses assessment and benchmarking to drive continuous improvement. Here is what he had to say:

What is the most fulfilling aspect of working in higher education for you?

"Making decisions that contribute to the quality of student's residential experience. Great student affairs administrators went out of their way to enhance my experience in college, and subsequently improved the course of my life. Now, it's my turn."

Describe your approach to life and/or work in three words.

"Power to the PIG! Peace. Integrity. Growth."

Assessments Used to Benchmark Ron Thompson's Housing Program.

Resident Assessment
Apartment Assessment
Student Staff Assessment

Developed in partnership with ACUHO-I, the suite consists of three assessments, designed to measure the impact of the residence life experience on CAS Standards-based learning outcomes. The ACUHO-I/Benchworks suite leverages almost 20 years of research and includes Resident, Apartment, and Student Staff assessments.

What is the biggest problem Benchworks solves for you?

"Benchworks makes assessment EASY! It's simple, but it's the biggest problem. There's not enough time for anything, except for assessment with Benchworks."

How do you use Skyfactor Benchworks?

"We utilize Benchworks for annual department assessment, departmental and individual/positional goal setting, and affirmative feedback for personnel. We discuss the results annually at our retreat, and set goals based on the results."

WEBINAR: Ten Things We've Learned from Ten Years of Housing Data

Intuitively, we know a lot has changed in higher education over in recent years, including our housing and residence life programs. Our facilities have evolved to reflect student demands for privacy and concerns about cost. Many programs are laser-focused on helping students learn outside the classroom. Fundamentally, our efforts have evolved as our students’ needs and campus contexts have changed. We can think of many stories that reflect these changes, but which of these stories can we see in data from on-campus residents? Using data from the ACUHO-I/Benchworks Resident Assessment, we explore ten key trends from the last ten years in housing and residence life.

What are some key ideas that are more easily shared as a result of the use of Benchworks?

"It's our responsibility to demonstrate a commitment to our program's growth, development, and improvement. Assessment is a pillar for our progress."

What is your favorite feature within Skyfactor Benchworks?

"My favorite feature of Benchworks is the ability to create custom queries and reports."

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