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Get started with Intellus Learning!

Step 1: Request your course

Fill out and submit the course request form and you will be contacted within 2-3 business days to confirm your course set up.

Step 2: Course credentials & information emailed to you.

We will follow up via email with your account access information as well as your Intellus Open Course welcome email including your course ISBN information, instructors supplements and self-service support information.

Didn’t receive these emails? We’re happy to help. Contact us via our support site.

Step 3: Notify the Bookstore

Each semester you’ll need to notify the bookstore, so they may order the appropriate inventory for your class. Your course ISBN will be delivered in your Intellus Open Course welcome email (step 2).

Step 4: Get your course ready!

Customize your course as little or as much as you’d like. You can rearrange, delete or add content to your course. Additionally, you can edit the instructor resources (presentation slides) that accompany your Intellus Open Course and upload the test bank files to your campus LMS.

When your course is ready, follow the directions to publish in order to share your course with students. When you publish you will acquire a shareable link (use same link as publish button) that you can post in your LMS or share with students.

Access our Knowledge Base for more support articles and information.

Step 5: Prepare your students for class

Read through these instructions to learn how your students can register properly for your course. As always, you can point students directly to these articles or students can contact tech support.

Step 6: Explore tips, best practices, & pedagogical webinars.

The road to Open can be winding. We're here to help with best practices, tips, and events created to guide your journey.

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