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The research is in! How Tracking Attendance Can Improve Institutional Outcomes.

Formative Insights for Early Intervention

Harness attendance, classroom engagement and survey data for timely identification of additional student support needs.

Cirque closes the loop for student success solutions by providing real-time, formative insights on student attendance and engagement.

Early, Formative Alerts

Cirque leverages existing attendance and engagement data to provide early indicators of students who might need additional attention and then provides alerts to guide interventions to help those students.

Complement to Existing Student Success Solutions

Cirque complements your existing student success solution with formative classroom insights.

Research-Based, Active Learning at Scale

Cirque supports active learning initiatives on campus with pedagogically-sound methodologies of supporting active learning via iClicker, not just in a single class but across the institution.

Why Cirque?

Cirque by Macmillan Learning provides easily accessible, formative insights on student attendance and engagement data that deliver a more actionable and complete understanding of your students’ day-to-day experiences.

How Cirque Works

Informed by data gathered from iClicker, Cirque empowers faculty, staff and administrators to identify students that may benefit from additional support to improve those students’ likelihood of success in a course or program of study.

Currently, Cirque provides two main reporting categories:

Students of Interest Report

Courses of Interest Report

Students of Interest

Identify students whose class attendance may indicate the need for additional outreach, support or attention. Attendance insights are provided for all classes where iClicker Attendance is enabled by the faculty, enabling a view into potential patterns or anomalies in student attendance that may negatively impact a student's persistence or outcomes in the course.

Are your students coming to class?

Get started with Cirque today to better understand if students are coming to class and how its impacting your institution's success rates.

Courses of Interest

Identify courses with notable attendance trends to arm instructors, staff and administrators with data to support decision-making around resource needs, as well as how departmental or institutional initiatives to improve drop, withdrawal and failure rates are progressing.

Are your courses keeping students engaged?

Get started with Cirque today to better understand courses where students participate the most or do not participate enough to help you identify how to improve course success rates and programs needed to support specific courses.

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