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Life keeps getting easier with iClicker

Exciting Summer/Fall 2019 Updates

Manage distractions & mitigate multitasking in your classroom with new feature options, tailored to your technology choices.

With the new iClicker Cloud 5.0 desktop software, all your in-class tools are in one place, which means more time for teaching.

Getting started has never been this easy. See the onboarding improvements we’re making for Fall.

Classroom distractions have met their match.
Meet iClicker Focus and Remote-Only courses.

Getting the most out of valuable face-to-face time can be challenging with busy students multitasking and the various distractions in play during class time. So we’re introducing a few new features to manage classroom distractions this year, with flexible technology options that allow you to choose what’s right for your classroom.

iClicker Focus
Beta testing in Fall 2019, available January 2020

We know that many instructors would like the increased functionality that comes with a mobile student engagement app, but can have concerns about the use of mobile phones in the classroom. Enter iClicker Focus. With Focus, you can:

  • Reduce distractions & multitasking
  • Gain insight into engagement in your class
  • Promote student self-regulation behaviors

By Spring of 2020, instructors will have the option to designate any course to run as a “Focused Class” via their course settings and choose an allowed level of device usage. Focus provides insight for instructors and students around engagement in class via post-class reporting.

Interested in learning more about Focus or becoming a beta tester?

Remote-Only Courses
Now live!

Now in iClicker Cloud, instructors have the choice to specify that students only use iClicker remotes in their course. Our new Remote-Only mode allows instructors to disable the use of mobile devices in the classroom - students, however, will still have access to all iClicker student application data in their app.

We’re rolling out the welcome mat.

Whether instructor or student, we’ve improved our processes to ensure that everyone has a smooth start.

Instructor Onboarding ImprovementsComing in August
This fall, iClicker begins the process of rolling out onboarding systems improvements. Our sights are set on making it even easier to control enrollments to match LMS rosters and, in the near future, for instructors to create courses in iClicker Cloud. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Student Onboarding ImprovementsComing in Fall
Students want easy, so we’re bringing it. We're improving the student onboarding experience, making it easier for students to sign up and get started in your course.

Learn more about iClicker Focus.

If you’d like to be considered for our Focus beta test or just get more information about the feature, complete the form below and we’ll follow up!