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Your Course. Your Way.

Just like fingerprints and snowflakes,
no two courses are exactly alike.

That is why Macmillan Learning offers a suite of solutions that empower you to teach your courses exactly the way you best see fit.

Empowering Personalized Teaching & Learning

You use teaching strategies that best speak to your students' learning strengths promoting engaged and active learning during class time, assessment, homework, and even lab work. Macmillan Learning has a suite of solutions to empower you to teach your way.

Active Learning


Course Resources

When 'Copy and Paste' Won't Do:
Using Smart Technology to Engage Students

Hear from UT-Austin Professor, Kate Biberdorf, how she uses Macmillan Learning solutions to teach her chemistry course in a way that meets the needs of her students.

While our solutions are flexible and can be used in any way that best fits your course, we have broken out the most common uses for each product.




Active Learning

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Keep tabs on how your students are soaking up information and learning in real time with iClicker. iClicker is a mobile solution that enables instructors to pose questions to the class during class time for real-time answers on student comprehension. With several question types including multiple choice, open response, target, numeric, and exit polling, instructors can gather insight into student learning before they even get started on their first assignment.

Insightful Assessment

LaunchPad helps students achieve better results by providing a place where students can read, study, practice and complete homework. Create the perfect course for you and your students with LaunchPad.

With Sapling Learning, every problem counts; student get wrong answer-specific feedback with nearly every problem so they learn from correct and incorrect answers. And, since Sapling is "book agnostic", instructors can use Sapling's superior assessment and remediation with any textbook they like.

Course Resources Built for Your Class

The Hayden-McNeil Difference Hayden-McNeil is the gold standard in custom publishing and has been delivering excellence to the higher education market for over 28 years. We work with instructors to develop customized course curriculum, course resources, or custom lab manuals to match their unique teaching & lab approach. Custom solutions range from simple print to complete online courses.

Solutions for Your Teaching Style & Your Students' Learning Styles.

Contact your local Macmillan Learning Representive today to learn how one or more of our solution can help you build the perfect course to help your students achieve more.

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