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Navigate the Active Learning Maze with Easy-to-Use, Research-Based Tools in Achieve

Educators recognise the proven impact of active learning on student engagement and success. The real challenge lies in implementing active learning into courses. Explore our tips and tricks for implementing Active Learning into your course

Tips and Tricks for Implementing Active Learning In Any Course

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Achieve's active learning tools are supported by 20 years of impact on students and learning science research. We've consulted the experts for their best tips for implementing active learning into any course, regardless of discipline or size. Explore what they have to say with these free resources.

Active Learning for All With Achieve

  • Student-Centric: Many educators want to provide students with active learning opportunities both in and outside of the classroom. Achieve has tools to boost in-class participation and engage students as they work through assignments. Get ideas of easy-to-implement activities below.

  • Educator Empowering: From vetting resources to planning activities, implementing active learning into a course can be time-consuming and challenging. Achieve makes it easy with thoughtfully designed tools, ready-made resources, and support.
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Easily Implement Active Learning with Achieve

  • iClicker, the Leading Student Response System: Choose how to engage students in active learning – from polls to interactive quizzes, group collaboration to study tools, iClicker is available with most Achieve courses at no extra cost.

  • In-Class Instructor Activity Guides: These guides are recipe cards for creating meaningful active learning experiences, both in-person and remotely, offering valuable resources for activities and group work.

  • Real-Time Feedback for Formative Assessment: Achieve simplifies the process of turning real-time student feedback into engaging formative assessments, with features like iClicker and assignments.

  • Support from Your Peers: Achieve provides step-by-step support for all active learning tools. Connect with 100+ trusted educators who trust and use Achieve and regularly exchange best practices for active learning.

Experience these tools in an interactive, self-guided tour or access a free Achieve sample course.

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With Achieve, you gain access to an array of tools, resources, and support to conquer common classroom challenges. Whether you need help navigating the impacts of AI in education, deterring cheating, or providing differentiated support, Achieve has got you covered. Explore how Achieve can empower you to overcome these common classroom challenges and more!

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The active learning assignments were great. I enjoyed having them for the students to complete.”

-Biology Instructor