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Tailor Your Teaching to Each Student’s Unique Needs with Achieve's Powerful Adaptive Learning Capabilities

Students vary in learning styles and preparedness levels. Differentiated instruction can help but isn’t always easy to pull off. That’s why Achieve, Macmillan Learning’s flagship courseware, offers truly adaptive learning technology — to support each individual learning path regardless of class size.

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Tips and Tricks for Differentiated Instruction

Whether you struggle to identify individual students’ barriers to learning, have students with varying levels of preparedness, or just need help getting everyone on the same page, Achieve can help. Read our whitepaper about differentiation and Achieve below

Meet Students Where They Are – Any Ability, Any Learning Style, Any Need

  • Tools Educators Can Use To Provide Individualized Support: It can be difficult to identify individual student struggles and provide tailored support, in both large and small classes. From personalized questions and feedback to insights into student performance, Achieve has the tools to help.

  • A Unique Pathway For Every Student: Each student is unique, learning in ways distinct from their peers and influenced by their background and journey. Achieve’s truly adaptive learning technology modifies questions, feedback, and resources based on students’ performance as they work through assignments.
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How Achieve Helps Instructors Meet the Needs of Every Learner

  • LearningCurve Adaptive Quizzing: LearningCurve's game-like quizzes help students grasp concepts with personalised questions and instant feedback to deepen understanding and improve learning in real-time.

  • Guided Help at Every Step: Students receive just-in-time support while working through assignments – hints, targeted feedback, detailed solutions, and references to the reading accompanying questions to guide students toward the correct answer.

  • Personalise Study Materials: With iClicker* Study Tools, students can convert class materials into custom question sets, bookmark important content, generate flashcards, and create practice tests to match their study preferences.

  • Nurture Self-Directed Learning: Achieve's Goal-setting and Reflection Surveys and iClicker's Confidence Ratings help students develop skills in managing, monitoring, and reflecting on learning progress and goals, enabling them to identify effective study strategies.

*iClicker is available with most Achieve courses at no additional cost.

Check out these tools in an interactive, self-guided tour, or experience the power of Achieve with a free sample course below!

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Achieve: Created to Address Your Biggest Challenges

With Achieve, you gain access to an array of tools, resources, and support to conquer common classroom challenges. Whether you need help implementing engaging active learning strategies, deterring cheating, or navigating the impact of AI in education, Achieve has got you covered.

Explore how Achieve can empower you to overcome these common classroom challenges and more!

Explore all the ways Achieve can support you

“Achieve is an excellent platform that promotes active and independent learning. Setting challenging questions with unlimited numbers of attempts allows the students to persist in their activities and motivates them to achieve their goals. This type of learning shows a belief that more effort, or an alternative approach, will pay off.” Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University