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Macmillan’s Digital Home for Physics: Achieve
Beginning in Fall 2023, Macmillan will be offering Achieve as its exclusive physics online homework platform! We invite you to explore the Achieve course and the migrated FlipIt Physics content.

In addition to videos and assessment you love from FlipIt, Achieve also includes:

    • A question bank of over 4,000 editable exercises that feature error-specific feedback, algorithmically generated values, and a wide selection of question types.
    • FREE iClicker app access for students.
    • Goal-Setting & Reflection surveys to promote student metacognition.
    • The OpenStax ebook for either College Physics or University Physics.

All Mechanics (semester 1) FlipIt courses will be retired in summer 2023.

    • No NEW courses may be created after June 15, 2023.
    • To allow continuity for E&M (semester 2), FlipIt users may continue in FlipIt for the fall term, with a final date for FlipIt courses on December 31, 2023.

We hope you’ll join us in Achieve for ALL courses in 2024!

Ready for a 1:1 chance to see Achieve and ask questions about your new course?

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Your upgrade to Achieve features an additional bank of thousands of editable homework exercises!

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Need information for your syllabus or bookstore? Find ISBNs and ordering information below.

Discover other great solutions for Macmillan Physics!

iClicker student response app gives you real-time feedback on how your class is understanding key concepts during class time! 

When paired with the Bridge (Checkpoint) questions in Achieve with Prelectures, iClicker is a powerful tool to measure student comprehension and increase student engagement.



Looking to incorporate Prelecture content with a Macmillan text? Explore Freedman/Ruskell’s College Physics and Tipler/Mosca’s Physics for Scientists and Engineers, both available with Achieve.


Set your lab or studio class free with the iOLab! The iOLab device is a revolutionary new hardware and software solution that combines all the measurement devices and components needed for hundreds of physics experiments in a single device.

It links them to a software solution for gathering data and recording results. iOLab can replace or augment your current lab set up and is perfect for online, hybrid, or traditional classes.


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