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Inspire A Culture of Academic Integrity and Mitigate Cheating With Achieve’s Carefully Crafted Assessments and Tools

Cheating arises as an issue when students feel overwhelmed, unprepared, and short on time. Achieve, Macmillan Learning’s flagship courseware, has low-stakes assessment and self-reflection opportunities to foster intrinsic motivation, as well as effective cheating mitigation features.

Address Both Sides of the Cheating Coin: Motivation and Opportunity

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is a concern in today's educational landscape, with over 60% of university students confessed to cheating. This reality not only sabotages the sanctity of learning but also shakes the confidence in educational institutions.

Our article provides practical solutions on how to successfully integrate academic integrity into your course design. From setting clear expectations and establishing regular assessments to encouraging ethical behavior, our tips help foster a culture of honesty. Be part of the conversation and discover how to shape a learning environment that values integrity and sets students up for success.

Promoting Academic Integrity through support, trust and self-reflection

Cheating only happens when students have a reason to do so (motivation) and a way to do it (opportunity). Achieve helps educators address both.

  • Empower Students With Intrinsic Motivation: Low-stakes, formative assessments in Achieve give students the practice opportunities they need to better grasp concepts. And, metacognitive self-reflection opportunities, help them set goals and stick to them.

  • Minimize Opportunities for Dishonesty: From copy-and-paste prevention to time limitations, Achieve has several tools to help instructors mitigate cheating.

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4 Ways Achieve Can Help You Foster Academic Integrity

  • Anti-Cheating Settings: Settings include copyright tagging for textbook questions, question randomization, and more. Learn about all of Achieve’s cheating prevention settings here.

  • Unique Question Creator (Beta): Assess student understanding in real-time with *iClicker's AI question generator for never-before-seen questions or use Achieve's many questions that prompt original student responses.

  • Goal-setting and Reflection Surveys: Empower students to set and track learning goals, develop study skills, and reflect on their progress. These surveys enhance metacognitive skills, boost self-efficacy, and combat cheating with intrinsic motivation.

  • Guided, Formative Assessments: iClicker Study Tools, LearningCurve Adaptive Quizzing, and iClicker Assignments familiarize students with the course material and help them develop comprehension through practice, leading to a level of understanding that reduces the desire to cheat.

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