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Break Through Student Engagement Barriers with Achieve’s Interactive Learning Resources

To truly connect with course content, many of today’s students need resources in engaging and interactive formats. The burden to find or create those resources often falls on educators. Achieve, Macmillan Learning’s flagship courseware, gives students highly interactive content that captivates attention and fosters comprehension.

Boost Student Engagement with our Educators Guide

Guide to student engagement

If you’ve ever struggled to keep your students engaged, you’re not alone. Engaging students has always been a pain point for educators. Whether you’re trying to engage university students during lectures or get small group activities to thrive (or anything in between), you’ve likely come up against some hurdles.

An engaged student is one who is curious about, interested in, and attentive to what they’re learning. Engaged students feel a positive emotional connection to their learning experience. Without engagement, students might end up detached or focused entirely on memorisation.

Supporting student engagement is possible if you know what barriers stand in the way and what strategies and activities to incorporate to drive engagement. As an educator, you can take the driver’s seat with a few simple considerations and steps.

Download our Quick Guide to Student Engagement here for tips and sample activities to try!

End the Quest for Engaging Course Materials

The search for the perfect course materials can feel like a neverending quest. If you’re looking for engaging resources that support comprehension, Achieve has got you covered.

  • Captivating for Students: Students' attention is constantly pulled in various directions, and sometimes course materials can fall flat. Achieve has course materials that invite students to engage and interact directly with the course content for every discipline.

  • Time-Saving for Educators: It can be hard for busy instructors to find time to search, vet, and compile course materials — let alone make them engaging for students. Achieve’s interactive resources are ready to use and support teaching across different disciplines.

Resources to Take Learning a Step Further

  • Interactive e-Books: Our e-books include interactive content to deepen understanding as well as study features like highlighting, note-taking, and the ability to search topics and keywords.

  • Interactive Assessments: Assessments usually aren’t the most interesting part of a course for students, but Achieve can help make them more captivating. From virtual labs to interactive graphing questions, the hands-on approach to assessment in Achieve makes learning fun.

  • Gamified Learning with iClicker: iClicker's polling features can be used to create game-like, active learning experiences. 

  • Course-Specific Multi-Media Content: Sometimes reading assignments alone won’t allow students to sufficiently grasp course concepts. Achieve's library of discipline- and course-specific interactives (videos, animations, graphics, writing tools, etc.) helps students visualise and better understand the material.
Access a free Achieve sample course and explore your discipline’s resources yourself.

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Learn how Achieve helped Mathilde at Durham University to facilitate student engagement

Discover how Durham University's Biosciences department leveraged Achieve, Macmillan Learning's online platform, to support self-regulated learning and enhance student engagement.

Mathilde Roger, Associate Professor and Digital Learning Coordinator, shares her experience with Achieve, detailing how it's intuitive interface, customisable content, and high-quality resources proved instrumental in fostering student success.

Delve into this customer success story to learn how you too can empower your students with skills for independent learning and time-efficient formative assessment options.

Learn more on how Achieve helped Mathilde

“Achieve is really helpful for students who need alternative formats for learning. Lectures are not suitable for all and Achieve helps students to learn using rich materials such as animations.”

-Mathilde Roger