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Putting Learners First with Quality Textbooks and Innovative Technology

In a world where some educational publishers prioritise shareholder profits over the genuine needs of learners, Macmillan Learning stands apart. As a privately held, family-owned company, we are committed to inspiring what’s possible for every learner. We develop a range of materials and digital tools to support students and their greatest advocates — educators.

How Macmillan Learning Follows Through on Its Commitment to Educators and Learners

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  • A 75-Year Commitment to Investing in Education: By prioritising educators and learners, every decision is made with a focus on long-term educational outcomes.

  • Bringing Together the Best Features from Legacy Platforms: Achieve includes beloved features from LaunchPad and Sapling, as well as innovative new tools.

  • Built on the Latest Learning Science Principles: Achieve is continuously improved to integrate ongoing research in the field of learning science.

  • Pioneering Processes to Co-Create Technology with Students and Instructors: Achieve is made better by the educators and learners who inform its development.

  • Customer Support from Real People When It’s Needed Most: Macmillan Learning has expanded its support options to ensure success for all users.

  • A Stable Courseware Platform That Instructors Can Count On: Achieve and iClicker have consistent 100% uptime, capabilities that are reliable across web browsers, and monitoring during peak usage.

Discover how Achieve continually adapts to evolving standards to offer every learner the opportunity to succeed.

Achieve: A Courseware That Meets Educator's Needs and Improves Student Outcomes

Achieve is not your average online learning platform; it's an ally to learners and educators. It provides educators with a streamlined platform to design, deliver, and manage courses effectively. For students, Achieve offers an interactive, engaging, and personalized learning environment that fosters understanding and knowledge retention.

Discover the power of Achieve firsthand by taking a self-paced interactive product tour.

Achieve Can Help You Embark on Your Journey With Confidence

Unsure how to select the right educational technology solution for you? Download our detailed guide  to assist in your evaluation process, ensuring the technology you select aligns with your instructional goals and meets your students' needs.

By choosing Achieve, educators can deliver the engaging learning experiences their students deserve. Read testimonials from super users on how Achieve and *iClicker have helped them showcase the value of education to their students.

*The iClicker student engagement platform is available with most Achieve courses at no additional cost.

Learn how Achieve helped one UK professor to facilitate student engagement

Discover how Durham University's Biosciences department leveraged Achieve, Macmillan Learning's online platform, to support self-regulated learning and enhance student engagement.

Mathilde Roger, Associate Professor and Digital Learning Coordinator, shares her experience with Achieve, detailing how it's intuitive interface, customisable content, and high-quality resources proved instrumental in fostering student success.

Delve into this customer success story to learn how you too can empower your students with skills for independent learning and time-efficient formative assessment options.

Learn more on how Achieve helped Mathilde

“Achieve is really helpful for students who need alternative formats for learning. Lectures are not suitable for all and Achieve helps students to learn using rich materials such as animations.”

-Mathilde Roger