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Don't Let Technology Disrupt the Flow of Your Course: Achieve is Designed to Work The Way You Do

Many educational technologies claim to simplify teaching, but they often become cumbersome and distract from what truly matters – learning. Achieve, Macmillan Learning’s courseware platform, lives up to its promise of user-friendliness by working with, not against, instructors’ and students’ intuition. Learn more about Achieve’s user-friendly tools and modern design below.

4 Ways Courseware Should Work With, Not Against You

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  • Easily Adaptable: Life is full of surprises, and you should be able to tailor and adapt your course as you need. Achieve simplifies the customisation process, putting you in control.

  • Guided Help When You Need: Mastering a courseware platform is valuable, but it shouldn't feel like a full-time job. Achieve offers seamless in-product support, ensuring you can efficiently navigate and achieve your goals.

  • Real-Time Engagement with iClicker: With countless distractions, engaging students can be a challenge. Achieve offers iClicker, the leading student engagement platform that enables you to create on-the-fly polls, quizzes, and group activities.

  • Accessible to All: Addressing the needs of all students requires ensuring materials accessibility. However, keeping up with standards and verifying product accessibility can be daunting. Achieve is designed to be usable by all learners.

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Streamline Teaching and Learning with Achieve

  • Empowering Educators: With Achieve, educators can effortlessly create, customize, and adapt course elements that meet their unique needs, without a complicated web of steps and processes. Try out a free Achieve sample course below to experience how easy it is to use!

  • Student-Centric: Achieve isn't just easy for educators to use. Its modern design and extensive learning tools meet the expectations and needs of today's students. With seamless guidance, readily available support, and adaptable study tools and features, learning has never been easier.

Hear From a Peer: Learn how one professor used Achieve to help with student engagement

Still on the fence about using Achieve? Hear from Mathilde Roger about how Achieve has made it easy to deliver the learning experience she wants.

If you’re hesitant about integrating new educational technology, we've created a practical guide for maximising classroom success with EdTech. Download the guide below for expert tips and strategies that you can apply with Achieve!

*The iClicker student engagement platform is available with most Achieve courses at no additional cost.

Instructor pointing to a computer screen while students look on.

Achieve: Created to Address Your Biggest Challenges

With Achieve, you gain access to an array of tools, resources, and support to conquer common classroom challenges. Whether you need help implementing engaging active learning strategies, deterring cheating, or navigating the impact of AI in education, Achieve has got you covered.

Explore how Achieve can empower you to overcome these common classroom challenges and more!

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“Macmillan supports both staff and students in an exceptional manner. Their service support is excellent. They go beyond expectations when designing customised questions for us on the occasions we want something specific that is not already available in the questions bank.”

- Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University