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Navigating AI's Impact on Teaching and Learning with Resources from Macmillan Learning

As the rapid development of artificial intelligence reshapes the higher educational landscape, many educators find themselves at a crossroads. While AI introduces a myriad of challenges, it also creates new pathways for teaching and learning. From the courseware platform Achieve to professional development offerings, Macmillan Learning is creating the tools and resources educators need to navigate this new frontier with confidence.

Enabling Educators to Empower Students Using AI

  • Enabling Educators: Unsure how to address the increased potential for student cheating that AI brings? Rethinking how to teach critical thinking? Or, just wondering how to incorporate AI into your coursework? Macmillan Learning has resources like AI question generators and more that can help.

  • Empowering Students: AI can disrupt learning and increase tech dependence, but it's here to stay. Students must learn to work thoughtfully with AI. It has benefits, like helping educators cater to individual learning needs. Macmillan Learning's resources, like AI tutor and Achieve's anti-cheating settings, can help students harness AI's power ethically and productively.

Read what Tim Flem, SVP of Product, has to say about what we’ve learned about generative AI and what’s ahead for Achieve.

Tips for Implementing AI into Any Course

Discover the seamless integration of AI into higher education with insights from educators Erika Martinez and Marissa Dahari in our latest whitepaper. Delve into the strategies for mindful incorporation of AI in student assessment, emphasising its benefits in workflow optimisation and efficiency while underlining the necessity of human intelligence.

Learn practical tips like peer review and clear AI usage policies to enhance learning, maintain academic integrity, and boost student engagement. Explore the future of education with AI— download the whitepaper now!

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The Impact of AI on the Inherently Human Experience of Learning

At Macmillan Learning’s Tech Ed Conference this year, I connected with dozens of instructors teaching the next generation of learners about the topic on everyone’s mind -- Artificial Intelligence. AI will undoubtedly continue to change the learning experience. But I would also argue that the most meaningful parts of learning, at the core, are deeply human, and that's something we must never forget. So as teachers around the world have returned to class, I wanted to share some thoughts on our future and on what I believe will be AI’s impact on education.

Discover the Potential of Generative AI in Education: Watch Our Webinars to Elevate Your Teaching Strategies!

Fighting Fire with Fire:Navigating Student AI Use with AI-Enriched Assignments and Assessments

In this informative and hands-on virtual workshop, instructors have developed three pedagogical strategies for using generative AI to tackle the most pressing concerns that have arisen due to the wide availability of generative AI software.

Led by experienced educators, you will have the opportunity to learn from peers and practice developing class activities that help you use artificial intelligence to not only mitigate cheating, but also foster deeper student learning and engagement. Watch now and join the AI-powered educational journey!

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AI Amplified Learning: Discipline-Specific Strategies Workshop

This AI Workshop, tailored for university instructors seeking to elevate their teaching practices begins with a brief overview of discipline-agnostic AI-related principles, then explores concrete tactics for using generative AI to enhance student engagement, streamline learning experiences, and foster innovative teaching methodologies.

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Teaching and Learning Resources for a World With AI

With Achieve, you gain access to an array of tools, resources, and support to conquer common classroom challenges. Whether you need help implementing engaging active learning strategies, deterring cheating, or providing differentiated support Achieve has got you covered.

  • Anti-Cheating Settings: The Achieve courseware platform has assessment settings like copy/paste limitations, improved question randomization, and other features that prevent students from copying questions into search engines and AI chatbots. See all the settings here.

  • iClicker AI Question Creator (Beta): Create novel, never-before-seen assessment questions instantly. With iClicker’s floating toolbar, educators can deploy these questions in seconds to assess student understanding in real time.

  • AI-powered Tutor: Select Achieve users will be piloting our AI-powered personalized homework tutor that supports students when, where, and how they need it most; a bit like having a trustworthy friend by your side, transforming homework and self-study into an engaging dialogue for deeper learning.

See how Achieve can work for you with a free sample course below.

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“Achieve is really helpful for students who need alternative formats for learning. Lectures are not suitable for all and Achieve helps students to learn using rich materials such as animations.”

-Mathilde Roger