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Use Assessments to Check Knowledge and Cultivate Understanding With Achieve

Many courseware and online homework platforms prioritise correctness alone, neglecting to encourage learning through practice. Achieve, Macmillan Learning’s flagship courseware, goes beyond. It offers a wide range of assessments that not only measure comprehension but also guide learning and foster the development of new skills.

Tips and Tricks for Utilising Assessments

Assessment guide

Whether you're looking to provide students with formative or summative assessments, get them out of an ineffective personalised learning loop, or use insights from assessments to strengthen your teaching, digital courseware can help.

Read our guide below to delve into the different assessment types and how to incorporate them into your classroom.

Save Time and Encourage Learning With Pre-Built Formative Assessments

In addition to summative assessments, Achieve includes many low-stakes, formative assessments to shape learning and bolster understanding.

  • Creating A Path to Student Success: Assessment can be so much more than an evaluation tool. Formative assessments in Achieve give students practice opportunities to learn from their mistakes and engage with the course material in exciting ways.

  • Saving Instructors Valuable Time: From generating questions to implementing quizzes, polls, and homework — not to mention grading — instructors spend countless hours developing formative assessments. Achieve saves instructors time with pre-created assessments that are easy to implement and customisable.
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Assessment Types Available in Achieve

  • Course-Specific Assessment Tools: There is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning. Achieve includes course-specific formative assessments like interactive graphs for economics, diagnostic tests for chemistry, peer review for English, and much more. 

  • iClicker Polls, Quizzes, and Group Work: iClicker is available with most Achieve courses at no additional cost. The iClicker student engagement platform can be used to poll students, quiz them, facilitate group work, and more.

  • Goal-setting & Reflection Surveys: Metacognition is a widely recognised learning science principle. Achieve’s Goal-setting and Reflection Surveys help students set goals, reflect, and build confidence. Explore the research.

  • LearningCurve Adaptive Quizzing: Differences in student preparedness and proficiency can make it difficult to teach to the whole class. LearningCurve Adaptive Quizzes help by generating questions based on previous answers and providing students with feedback, hints, and references.
Take a self-guided tour of Achieve to explore these features, or learn how to utilize iClicker polling for fun, formative assessments.

Achieve: Created to Address Your Biggest Challenges

With Achieve, you gain access to an array of tools, resources, and support to conquer common classroom challenges. Whether you need help implementing engaging active learning strategies, deterring cheating, or navigating the impact of AI in education, Achieve has got you covered.

Explore how Achieve can empower you to overcome these common classroom challenges and more and request trial access today

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[Likely to recommend because] the variety of tools with different approaches (video, algorithmic learning, summative assessment, real-world examples, etc.).

-Economics Instructor